Father Of Wolves



A pup went to his father
With questions in his mind,
About the world around him,
About life, nature and time.

First he asked about the world,
About how he came to be,
About how he knew right from wrong,
And about the mystery of the sea.


The father smiled and answered his son
In a riddled rhyme,
"Your life will go onward from now,
And you shall know in time."

"But over the course of time
Remember that you have in your paw,
The power to give life by mercy,
And the power to kill by the claw."

"But always know you are no king,
For nature has given this power to others,
Though they shall not harm those who live a good life,
For all of nature is your sisters and brothers."


The pup nodded to this father
Then asked him some other words,
About the bountiful river
And the mighty caribou herds.

The father smiled and answered his son again,
Looking into the young pups eyes,
Answering with the same soft spoken words,
In the same riddled rhyme.


"The water we drink and food we eat
Is granted to us for life,
But each must only take as much as they need,
For that is only right."

"But each is destined to grow old,
And too soon after have all health gone,
So then they might fall prey to nature
So that others may live on."


The pup again nodded once
Turning to his father to ask him of his life,
How he had come to know all he did
About his pain, suffering and strife.

"My son," he whispered to the pup
Still gazing in his eyes,
"I know of what I speak my son,
Through using my own mind."

"I'll tell you of what I've seen my son
And of what the shamans preach,
Live your life well but harm no other,
For the purpose of life is to teach."


To this the pup just nodded,
Making this knowledge his own,
He then sweetly nuzzled his father,
As the enlightenment in his eyes shown.

Then the father spoke unto his son
About the strangest of nature's clan,
Of the ones who've learned so very little,
He warned his son of man.


"Be fearful son of a race called man,
For they know not what they do,
They have been given gifted abilities
Far beyond our own, yet utilize so few."

"They act not for their brothers and sisters,
But for the betterment of one,
They've violated many of natures laws,
But know not what they've done."


"Man has abandoned the powerful mind he has,
Which first allowed him to thrive,
But he will reap what he has sown
Once he can no longer survive."

With that the father nuzzled his son
And bid him on his way,
Knowing his son would lead a wealthy life
And pass his knowledge on one day.

~ Kayotae Blackwolf ~

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