Land Of Faraway


They play along the seashore,
Near a land of faraway,
You might be able to spot them,
If you knew just where they played.

They dance among the seaweed,
The waves splash at their feet,
They hide under the seashells
And the other fairies peek.


Fairies come in different sizes,
With different colored wings,
Some are boy fairies
And they play with frogs and things.

The girls like to dress up
In ruffles and lace,
And spread their wings wide
With a smile on their face.


Justin's the smallest,
He runs all around,
While Taylor plays leap frog
With frogs on the ground.

Megan plays hop scotch
And Shay sings a song,
While Jordan and Aaron fish
On the shore all day long.


They love to pretend
They are human you see,
Sometimes they enchant you
And then watch with glee.

They sprinkle the fairy dust
Wherever they go,
Leaving a trail of blessings
To all that they know.

Sand ~
Copyright 2001
Used with permission

This poem was written for Sand's grandchildren
and the graphic was made from their actual photos.

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Original music composed by Geoff Anderson
Used With Permission.

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