Falling Leaves


The leaves fall gently to the ground
And cover it with colors,
Fresh dew drops glide softly down the leaves
And onto flowers.

A golden mist of rain drops,
Filtering through the trees,
Listen to the fairies
As their voices carry on the breeze.


Delicate wisps of elfin beauty,
Hiding in the shadows,
Waiting for the fresh sunshine
To silently appear.

Carried gently on golden wings
That flutter graciously,
They sing and dance a merry tune
As autumn gently flees.


A forest made of fairy sprites
That hide far out of sight,
Appearing when there's no one there,
As darkness turns to light.

They dance among the fallen leaves
And you might hear their song,
As they lift their voices
With the wind or sweetly hum along.


The birds all stop to listen
And then they join in too,
The tree tops seem to glisten,
As the light drifts gently through.

The forest where the fairies live,
A paradise indeed,
When morning touches on the ground,
They hide beneath the leaves.

Sand ~
Copyright 2001
Used with permission

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Original music composed by Geoff Anderson
Used With Permission.

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