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The Basic Essentials of Life:

1.  Air
2.  Food
3.  Water
4.  Shelter
5.  Clothing

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What Is Hugging?

Hugging is natural, organic, naturally sweet, free of pesticides and preservatives.  Hugging contains no artificial ingredients. It's 100% wholesome.  No calories, no caffeine, no nicotine.

Hugging is nearly perfect.  There are no removable parts, batteries to wear out, no periodic checkups.  It consumes little energy, while yielding a lot.

It's inflation-proof.  It's non-fattening.  There are no monthly payments.  No insurance requirements.  It's theft-proof, non-taxable, non-polluting, and fully refundable.  And it costs very little.

Hugging is healthy.  It assists the body's immune system, it cures depression, it reduces stress, it induces sleep, it invigorates, it rejuvenates, and it has no unpleasant side-effects.   Hugging is no less than a miracle drug.

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Adults, Infants and Hugging

Adults love to hug babies and they do it as often as possible. Adults love to hug other adults, too, yet they seldom do.  The reason for this is surprisingly simple ... adults are not afraid to initiate and enjoy hugging with infants because there's little chance of rejection.

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What Sort of People Like Hugging?

Nice people.  People who like to share things.  People who make themselves and the world they live in a little happier by hugging.

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The Best People, Places, and Times to Hug?

Anyone.   Any place.   Any time.

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The Value of Hugs

Hugs are free ... perhaps that's why so many take them for granted.  If hugs cost a lot of money, people would probably knock themselves out to make enough to buy them.

Although hugs are free, they're worthless if they aren't used.  An unused hug is lost forever.  On a planet that's starved for affection, can we really afford to lose a single hug?

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Asking for Hugs

Scientific Research Has Shown the Following:

Every human being needs four hugs per day merely to survive.

Eight hugs per day to maintain oneself at a strong emotional level.

Twelve hugs per day to grow and become a better person.

For those who aren't always comfortable with the traditional hug, you should at least try one of the other following forms of Hugs:

A kind word.
A touch.
A loving smile.
A "Thank you!"
A "Forgive me."
A "Can I help you?"
A "I'm Sorry."
And anything else you can do to make a person
feel good about him or herself.

I Really Need A Hug!
       "Will someone please give me a hug?"

"What Sunshine Is To Flowers ...
Hugs Are To Humanity!!!"


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