Words Of Encouragement


"A life watered by the tears of tragedy and suffering
Often becomes the most fertile soil for spiritual growth."

It is with much love that I dedicate these pages to someone that has always been a very important part of my life, and who is very special and dear to me ... my sister, Nicolette.  This is just a very small way of showing her my appreciation for always taking the time to listen, being able to understand, and for always being there for me.


I love you lots, Nicky!

So often it seems that life is only made up of things to worry about.  Life has many disappointments for all of us ... death, illnesses, betrayals, tragedies, and feelings of worthlessness and despair.  Sometimes life can seem so very grim, and so many times we tend to wallow in pools of self-pity.

I would just like to say again ... I believe that our time here on earth gives us the opportunity to grow spiritually.  It's been said that we will learn more in ten DAYS of agony than in ten YEARS of contentment.  We can experience much personal growth because of all the suffering, worries, and difficulties we have to go through during our mortal lives.  It is God's way of fine-tuning us so we become more compassionate, more caring, more loving, and more aware of others' pain.  After all, how could we ever dry the tears of others if we had never cried ourselves?


We all find ourselves in the valley of despair sometimes.  It may sometimes seem that we are forever worrying, learning lessons, suffering pain, and facing challenges.  But we must try to remember that the fertilizer that helps us "grow" is in those valleys, not on the mountain tops.

During the times that we feel scared and confused, we will always end up wiser and we will grow more from the experiences.  We will understand more about people and life, become more sensitive, and we'll be able to enjoy life more after we go through the hard times.

We have to experience sadness so that we may better measure joy.  Life has a way of balancing the sorrow with the joy, the disappointments with the hope, and the emptiness with the meaning.


It is my hope that the following pages may offer you some encouragement through some poems and stories with a smile, a song, and some words.

Some of the authors are unknown but if you know the correct source of items listed, I will appreciate hearing from you so corrections can be made and proper credit given.

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God Knows Best
This Too, Will Pass Away
New Beginnings
The Butterfly
The Seasons Of The Soul
He Was One Of Us
God's Rainbow
Today's Joy
A Bend In The Road
Steppingstones To God
You Too Must Weep
Storms Bring Out The Eagles
A New Day
It's In The Valleys I Grow
Burdens Are Things God Turns Into Wings
Count Your Gains - Not Your Losses
Triumph Over Trouble
Is The Cross You Wear Too Hard To Bear?
Lessons Of Failure
God's Oven
The Best Day Of My Life
Potter's Wheel
Life Is But A Weaving
Please Listen

I would like to thank you for visiting the
"Words Of Encouragement"

I do hope you're able to realize that even though things look cloudy right now, they'll get better soon.  Just remember that it takes rain to make rainbows, lemons to make lemonade, and sometimes it takes difficulties to make us stronger and better people.  If you hang in there, you will see that the sun will shine again soon ... you'll see.

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A Few More Words Of
Inspiration and Encouragement

"The marvelous richness of human experience
Would lose something of rewarding joy
If there were no limitations to overcome.
The hilltop hour would not be half so wonderful,
If there were no dark valleys to traverse."

~ Helen Keller ~

"I thank God for my handicaps,
For, through them,
I have found myself,
my work, and my God."

~ Helen Keller ~

Adversity is the diamond dust
Heaven uses to polish its jewels.

A Diamond is only a chunk of coal ...
That made something good under pressure!

Every flower that ever bloomed
Had to go through
A whole lot of dirt to get there!

There is no oil without squeezing the olives,
No wine without pressing the grapes,
No fragrance without crushing the flowers,
And no real joy without sorrow.

If you want to see the rainbow ...
You have to put up with the rain!

Some days you're the pigeon ...
Some days you're the statue!

If you keep your face to the sunshine ...
Then you cannot see the shadow!

If you want a place in the sun ...
You've got to ut up with a few Blisters!

After the clouds ... comes the sunshine!
After the winter ... comes the spring!
After the shower ... comes the rainbow!
After the night ... comes the day!

The soul would have no rainbows
If the eyes had no tears.

When it is dark enough ...
You can see the stars!

Some days you're the bug ...
Some days the windshield!


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