Elegant Hugs

When God created elephants,
He thought, "Now, let me see ...
They must be big and loveable,
And as huggable as can be."

He experimented first with ants,
Then moved up, in size, to bugs ...
"They won't do at all," He said,
"They give such tiny hugs."

Next He worked on cats and dogs,
Then walruses and whales;
He even went as far,
As dinosaurs with tails.

He finally worked up to elephants,
Then, smiled and said with glee ...
"Elephant hugs are the greatest,
And not only that, they are free!"

"So, kids and folks can copy them,
And learn to hug their way ...
An elephant hug is an "elegant" hug,
Have you had yours today?

~ Virginia Ellis ~


"Happiness Is A
Big Fat Hug!"

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