The Easter Place


"Our Lord has written the promise of the Resurrection
not in books alone...
But in every Leaf in the Springtime!"

~ Martin Luther ~


I'd like to give you a warm welcome to
The Easter Place!
I'm so glad that you "hopped" in!

This is my favorite time of year because, to me, it's the most glorious season of the year ...
"The  Season  O f  Miracles!"

It's the season that touches the earth with freshness, harbors hope and renews faith.  The birds that have been silent ... come out and sing,  the melting frozen streams ... begin to ripple,  the flowers that have been imprisoned ... come out and bloom.

Just as Spring comes awakening our sleeping earth each year, it is also the time that we celebrate one of the most holy days in the calendar of the Christian church.  The Easter message is one of hope and victory over death, for it recalls that Christ rose from the dead on the third day after his crucifixion.  Easter symbolizes the love of God and the promise that man's soul is immortal.

For most people, Easter is a very joyous holiday that usually includes church services, family dinners, and Easter egg hunts.  Sneaking into houses, hiding colored eggs and leaving baskets of goodies, the Easter Bunny is also a favorite part of this holiday for children.

Easter Bunny

I have tried to include in these pages, things that I hope will bring you some fun, inspiration, knowledge, and enjoyment.  Just click on the page you would like to see.

Cute Easter Poems
(Christian poems are listed below)

Lily   Easter Chickies
Lily   The Chocolate Easter Bunny
Lily   The Day Before Easter
Lily   Easter Fun
Lily   Meeting The Easter Bunny
Lily   Easter Eggs
Lily   Patience
Lily   Mr. Easter Bunny
Lily   The Easter Bunny
Lily   The Bunny Tale

Easter Bunny

Christian Easter Poems

Lily   The Easter Story
Lily   Three Days Of Tears
Lily   I Wonder
Lily   Spring Awakens
What Autumn Puts To Sleep
Lily   Spring Song
Lily   The Glory Of The Easter Story
Lily   Rejoice!  It's Easter!
Lily   The Miracles Of Easter
Lily   A Crown Of Thorns
Lily   The Hope Of The World
Lily   The Easter Story (2)
Lily   Easter Means Eternal Life
Lily   Jelly Beans
Lily   Easter Joy

Easter Bunny

Easter Symbols and History

Lily   The Story Of Easter
Lily   The Easter Bunny
Lily   The Easter Lily
Lily   The Easter Egg
Lily   The Sorrow Of The Dogwood
Lily   The Legend Of The Butterfly

Easter Bunny

Sing-A-Long Easter Songs

Chick   Easter Parade
Chick   Peter Cottontail

Easter Bunny

Thank you so very much for visiting
The Easter Place.

I do hope you have a very
"Hoppy" Easter!

May your joy be as long as a rabbit's ears ...
and your sorrow as long as his tail!

Easter Bunny

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