Special Website Designer
June 22, 2000


Dear Penny:

I could spend all day on your wonderful web pages.  One morning back in June, when I was on my morning walk, I recorded this poem just for you.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Penny Parker is her name,
Her web pages are sure to bring her fame.

From hugs to friendship, kindness and all the rest,
Penny's pages are certainly the best.

How wonderful to share with many on the net,
Must bring great satisfaction, you bet.

This new found fun with words I find,
To share my thoughts with all those who are so kind.

Carrying this recorder as I walk,
Certainly makes me want to talk.

Many clicks with my mouse this morning,
Took me to many of Penny's pages, that was not boring.

The beautiful graphics and the music too,
Make me want to click my mouse without ado.

Thank you Penny from the bottom of my heart,
From the end to the beginning where I start.

~ By Eilene Stapes ~

I hope you keep creating such lovely pages.  It's wonderful that you share your talent with all who find you on the Internet.

Thanks again for your wonderful & lovely work.

Eilene Stapes

This is so very generous and kind of you, Eilene.  I feel so honored to be part of your thoughts during a morning walk!  You have truly brightened up and brought much sunshine and warmth into my heart with these very special thoughts and words.  Many heartfelt thanks to you for your kindness and your generosity.


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