"Our Dear Ol' Dad!"

Dear Ol' Dad

Can you believe that our "dear ol' dad" is STILL racing his truck at his age???  He races in the Silver State Classic Auto Race in Ely, Nevada twice each year.  I've finally given up all hope of him ever growing up!  *Smile*

The picture was taken in Ely, Nevada at one of the races he participated in.


This is our dad at his 75th Surprise Birthday Party in 1997.  He is standing with his stuffed look-alike doll that I made especially for his birthday.  I had a picture of his face copied onto a piece of fabric and sewed it the same way as a rag doll.  It had some doll hair sewed on it and a pair of glasses was placed on it.


"Here Comes Tom in a Baby Carriage!"

This is the invitation I made for his Surprise Birthday Party.  I showed it to him a couple of days after the party . . . . .
..... and ..... well ..... ummmmm ..... I'm afraid I can't repeat the words he said when he saw it!  (I'd like to keep my web site family oriented.  *Grin*)

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