Magical World Of Unicorns and Cubs

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Inside the enchanted forest,
Where unicorns reside,
There lives three adorable cubs
With the prettiest blue eyes.

Their fur is white and soft
And they're playful as can be,
They love to watch the unicorns
Dancing magically.


Beside a pond they wait and watch,
Hoping they will see
Magic unicorns appear,
Strutting gracefully.

Sometimes they see the magic,
Sometimes they do not,
But always they are happy
Just to rest in the magic spot.


Bubbles float on water,
The stars above glow bright,
The cubs are tired of waiting
For the unicorns tonight.

Eyes grow tired and sleepy,
A sound is heard nearby,
The unicorns are coming
From way up in the sky.

Sand ~
Copyright 2001
Used with permission

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