Place Of Comfort


In Loving Memory Of
Michael Lee Garcia
March 10, 1970 - October 23, 1992


"God plucks the flowers for His garden
when they are most beautiful."

I would first like to mention that these pages are not meant to be somber or sad.  They have been placed here for the many hurting hearts that are so heavy with sorrow and grief.  They are meant to reach out to try to help soothe that empty space in those hearts and bring a little bit of comfort, hope, and strength to them.

These pages are dedicated to those who are in need of comfort
and to those who wish to extend it.

There are really no words that can be spoken to soften the sorrow or lessen the loss that is felt from losing someone close to us.  At the passing of a loved one, those of us that are left behind feel a profound sense of sadness, emptiness, and grief for awhile.  Pangs of deep loneliness set in as we survivors envision a future without the deceased.

It is so difficult to realize that our loved one will no longer be present physically to share conversations, walks, hugs, or ideas with us.  It is such a great loss because it involves losing a piece of yourself ... a part of what was a very important part of your life.  Everyone and everything that we love becomes a part of us.

But it's important to realize that departed loved ones will always be with us.  They live on in our hearts, in memories of their teachings, and in the lives of all who know them.   They are very close to us in spirit, having only gone beyond the sound of our voices and the touch of our hands.   While death brings sadness, we should also try to have a sense of joy for the loved one who enters into a "new home."

After the first stabbing anguish of grief has been softened by time, we may find great comfort in knowing that our loved ones are safe and free from all tears, pain, trials, and troubles ... for now they are where nothing can ever hurt them again.


It is my heartfelt wish that by reading some of these poems and stories, you will receive some personal comfort and strength or be of assistance to comfort others.

Some of the authors are unknown but if you know the correct source of items listed, I will appreciate hearing from you so corrections can be made and proper credit given.

Click on the one you would like to see.

Letter From Heaven
When I'm Gone
When Tomorrow Starts Without Me
Letting Go
Fluff Up The Clouds
God Needed An Angel In Heaven
On A Child's Death
For Such A Little While
I'm An Angel Now
The Tiny Rosebud / Little Angels
God's Loan
On The Death Of A 13-Year-Old
After I've Gone
There Are No Words
I Have A Place In Heaven
When I Must Leave You
The Grave No One Tended
The River
Life After Death
To Remember Me
Through The Eyes Of A Sister
(A Special Dedication - LeAnn Mary)
About Eddy
(In Memory Of My Precious Brother)
Life's Losses
Spirit Visitor's
I'm Free
He Is Gone
Miss Me - But Let Me Go
I Am Now In Heaven
On The Other Side of Death
Death Is The Gateway To Eternal Life
Listen With Your Heart
Death Opens The Door To Life Evermore
For My Dad
(In Loving Memory Of My Dearest Father)

Thank you for visiting this
"Place of Comfort"

I do hope that the comfort and support of those who love you, along with the tender memories you hold so deeply within your heart, soften your grief and give you strength during this difficult time.   My prayers are with you.

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Last updated on June 15, 2011