The Christmas Gift

Manger Scene

One Christmas Eve some time ago,
God looked down on me;
He shook His head,
And then He said,
"What sadness do I see?"

"This day was made to celebrate
The Christ Lord Jesus' birth;
Such grief you show,
Oh, don't you know ...
This was the greatest day on earth!"


"Oh, Father God," I answered back,
"Amidst my falling tears;
Within my home,
I'm so alone,
Not another person here."

"So many have gone home to You ...
Family, friends, and all;
Each one is gone,
They've all moved on,
They left at your beck and call."


"You took them, Father, back with You,
I do not understand;
Why leave me here,
With no one near,
When I, too, reached for Your hand?"

"Why not take me, like the rest?
I'm old and tired, too;
I can not guess,
What could be left ...
I've nothing more to do."


The smile God had upon His face,
I think then disappeared;
Upon His brow,
Some sorrow now,
He said, "Dear child, listen here."

"It's time that you forget yourself,
And think of other souls;
Your job's not done,
You may not come,
'Til you've met other goals."


"You say your body's weak and frail,
And age renders you immobile;
You still can pray,
In many ways,
And still can hold your Bible."

"You're sorely needed yet to tell,
The story of My Son;
Help spread My Word,
Just as you've heard,
Speak out; tell everyone!"


"This is a most wondrous time,"
He added then, and smiled;
"It's Christmas Day!
My Son's Birthday!
Oh, Merry Christmas, precious child!"

~ Virginia Ellis ~

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