Mr. Chipmunk



Hi there, Mr. Chipmunk,
I see you found a treat,
Do you know how it tickles me
To watch you stop and eat?

I cannot help but smile
At your tiny fingered-paws,
So adept at what they do,
It gives me cause to pause.

Hush!  Do you hear a noise?
I see you cock your head,
You listen so intently,
Was it something that I said?


A bit skittish, aren't you?
Well, I'm glad you're very wary,
There are other creatures out there,
That are bigger and more scary.

Such a perfect little thing you are,
What a total joy to find,
I'll bet God must have smiled, too,
When you first crossed His mind.

What fun He must have had,
When He designed you, little guy,
I'll bet he laughed so hard and long,
That tears squeezed from His eyes.


He made you small and made you fast,
In order to protect you,
Then gave you a striped fur coat,
To make it harder to detect you.

Well, so long, Mr. Chipmunk,
I see you've other things to do,
But I'm so glad you came today,
Such a pleasure meeting you.

~ Virginia Ellis ~
Copyright 2002

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