Easter Chickies


Who made some Easter chickies pink?
And how come some are blue?
What about poke-a-dots or stripes,
Or pastel purples, too?

I guess they come from chicken eggs,
Like normal baby chicks,
But are they pretty colored eggs?
And are the colors mixed?


This brings up another question,
(I'm sure there's no reply),
But, for those baby chicks and eggs,
Who mixes up the dye?

And while we're on that subject,
Think about this riddle, too,
Did baby chicks or eggs come first?
Which one was number two?


And to add more to the dilemma,
To put one further on the spot,
Why do some chickies come with stripes,
Though their eggs have poke-a-dots?

Of course, Easter has deep meaning,
We don't make light of holy days,
But God likes to see a child smile,
And He does provide the ways.


So He permits painted eggs and chicks,
To please the little tykes,
And He lets some be made of candy,
To tickle appetites.

~ Virginia Ellis ~
Copyright 2001

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