The Candy Dish


It was just a simple candy dish,
It had some chips and cracks,
It might have come from Woolworth's,
Or it might have come from Sacs.

No one knew its origin,
No one really cared;
It had no value anyway,
It just was always there.

It was centered on our table,
It sat there night and day;
We kids weren't allowed to touch it,
'Til Mom said it was okay.

Candy Dish

It held special candies,
Which magically appeared,
In time for every holiday,
That rolled around each year.

Red candy hearts for Valentines,
Black gumdrops for Halloween,
Marshmallow Easter bunnies,
And Christmas mints in red and green.

I never saw Mom fill the dish,
So, in the middle of the night,
She said candy angels came,
And filled it up just right.

Candy Dish

Once I sneaked a piece of candy,
Unknown to my mother;
Overcome with childish guilt ...
I did not take another.

But I felt bad for many days,
'Til at last I did confess;
Mom's penalty for my misdeeds,
Compounded my distress.

She gave me the entire dish,
And told me, "Eat some more;"
But, it no longer tasted good,
I sat and cried upon the floor.

Candy Dish

Mom gave us candy from the dish,
If we did good at school;
And that was her reward for us,
If we behaved and followed rules.

Once when friends came into play,
I said, "Let's hide the dish,
Else its contents disappear,
Into another's grubby fist."

My selfishness upset my mom,
I think she was truly grieved,
For she had taught us early on,
It's more blest to give than to receive.

Candy Dish

The lessons from that candy dish,
I never will forget;
When Mom passed on, I kept the dish,
And it's my reminder ... even yet.

Now, in my home I have a table,
Which is elegant and fine;
And on it sits that simple dish,
Out of place and out of line.

Candy Dish

It does not belong in my decor,
Some people think that it is odd;
But I display it proudly,
Like a present straight from God.

And I cherish it, as do my kids,
It's teaching them, like me ...
They, too, ask who fills the dish,
For now ... that's their mystery!

~ Virginia Ellis ~
Copyright 2000

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