A Rendezvous Of Bells


The sounds came from all directions,
Floating in on morning air,
From all around the town they came,
From churches everywhere.

Church bells on Sunday mornings,
I remember very well,
The chimes rang out from church to church,
As a rendezvous of bells.


In the stillness of those mornings,
I would awaken in my bed,
To the ringing of cathedral bells,
For a Mass soon to be said.

A little while later,
And further down the street,
The Methodists would loose their bells,
With sounds both loud and sweet.


Meanwhile, the Presbyterians,
Would let their chimes ring out,
In a Hallelujah chorus,
That made one want to shout.

Not too many blocks away,
The Lutherans did their thing,
Their bells were almost delicate,
One loved to hear them ring.


The Baptist bell was boisterous,
Persistent and demanding,
Even though the church was far away,
Its hand-rung bell ... outstanding.

Occasionally, between the chimes,
A lone train whistle blew,
That somehow seemed appropriate,
In this carillon rendezvous.


Sometimes it was phenomenal,
Almost as if 'twas planned,
That every bell, from every church,
Rang jointly through the land.

That a heavenly conductor,
Had picked up the Lord's baton,
And led all the bells together,
In one exalted sound.


One hymn would play in unison,
A divinely orchestrated knell,
In full concert for Our Father,
In a rendezvous of bells.

~ Virginia Ellis ~
Copyright 1999

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