Because, dear God, you are with me,
Because I know that you care,
I can endure whatever befalls me,
Because I know you are there.

Because I know that you love me,
I can never be lonely again,
Because you do reassure me,
I cannot be unsure among men.


I can face any foe that attacks me,
With weapons, or words, or with deeds,
Because you repeatedly strengthen me,
And provide me the armor I need.

Because I know you won't leave me,
Even though I stumble and sin,
You forgive, and forgive, and forgive me,
Your patience has yet to wear thin.


I can treat others gently and kindly,
Because you have shown me how,
I can now hug my sisters and brothers,
And tell them I love them aloud.

I can be in the cleft of the rock in the storm,
Protected by you ... safe and dry,
I can feel the sweet peace you have placed in my heart,
May I keep it there 'til I die.


Because you are merciful, righteous, and just,
Teach me to be more like you,
Teach me to love unconditionally,
Because that is the way that you do.

~ Virginia Ellis ~
Copyright 2000

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