You're An Angel To Me!


You are the Angel who I cherish,
So dearly in this heart of mine;
The one who makes my day brighter,
By making my whole world shine.

During all the darkest moments,
When my skies turn cloudy and grey,
You're the one who touches my heart,
And makes everything seem okay.


I count my blessings that I have,
An Angel like you, so close at hand;
A friend who always watches over me,
Someone who can always understand.

If I need someone who I can turn to,
You are always right there beside me,
Giving so much of yourself each time,
To guide me to the light, so I can see.


We are all assigned a Guardian Angel,
And I'm so glad God chose you as mine;
He knew that whenever I needed His love,
You would be an Angel to me every time.

~ Author Unknown ~

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