Angels and Fairies


I believe in angels,
And I believe in fairies, too,
They're not one and the same, you know,
They are distinctly two.

Angels are within the heart,
Fairies ... in the mind,
Angels ... always there to care,
Fairies ... just sometimes.


Fairies like to tease and play,
They dance and entertain,
They tickle chins and noses,
Like bubbles in champagne.

Angels are more serious,
They do heavy-duty things,
Like easing fears and wiping tears,
And hugging with their wings.


Angels are assigned by God,
They very rarely show,
Fairies oft are seen in dreams,
And, at will, they come and go.

Fairies live in fantasies,
They are wee, tiny things,
They flit about erratically,
On dainty gossamer wings.


Angels, though, are very real,
They come in different sizes,
Large, medium, small, petite,
It's hard to recognize them.

Fairies make all people smile,
Young and old alike,
To see one bathing in the dew,
Is a pure delight.


Angels, on the other hand,
May fill our eyes with tears;
We're overwhelmed with gratitude,
They've watched over us for years.

When we've been saved from trouble,
It's not coincidence,
God's placed angels in our path,
To stand up in our defense.


Fairies offer fun and frolic,
Both to small folk and full-grown,
But when people's lives are over,
Then angels take them home.

God's angels and earth's fairies,
I think are quite essential,
They surely are related,
For both are quintessential.

~ Virginia (Ginny) Ellis ~
Copyright 2001

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