Touched By Angels!

"Be not forgetful to entertain strangers,
for by so doing
some have unwittingly entertained angels."

~ Hebrews 13:2 ~

I Welcome You to my little Piece of Heaven!

I'm so glad you're here.
I hope you will find it a peaceful place to visit.

As I mentioned earlier, I have many varied interests.  One that I really enjoy happens to be my belief of "Angels." Angels are creatures of God.  They are beautiful messengers and are here for us as written in the Bible.  Angels make me feel happy and give me a sense of peace.  I am not so distracted by them though, that I have lost sight of our Heavenly God.  I don't believe in worshiping angels.  They are simply another enjoyment in my life just as is art, music, poems, animals, and nature. Angels are just some of the other things that helps me to feel closer to God.

I believe that angels are here to guide us, guard us, warn us and comfort us.  All believers have angels watching over them.  I know my children have angels who protect them as I've always prayed for God to send His angels to watch over them.  There have been so many "close calls" on their lives, especially for my youngest daughter.  (I think her angel must have had quite a time trying to keep up with her and probably begged God to trade him with another angel as to give him a break! *Smile*) My children's angels have always managed to keep them safe.


The Bible tells us that God uses angels to minister to believers in many ways.  He sometimes utilizes angels in answering our prayers, involves them into giving us guidance, they sometimes give us encouragement in times of danger and are often involved in guarding us against dangers, they sometimes serve as God's messengers, and angels escort believers into heaven at the moment of death.  The Bible also tells us that angels are often involved in restraining the wickedness of unbelievers.

I believe, too, that angels bring us peace, love and gentleness. As you well know, the world needs much more of these things.  So this page is my way of celebrating the wonderful mystical spirits that surround and watch over us all.


There are many times that we see glimpses of Heaven right here on earth ... in people that I call "Earth Angels."  I believe that God very often places people in our paths of life to give us encouragement, love, skills and hope when we need it the most or when we feel that everything in our life is going wrong.  God always sends someone to make everything better.

Earth angels come in all colors, sizes and ages.  We may not always recognize them when we meet them but they are heavenly just the same.  Earth angels come in our time of need and help solve our problems.  An example is a very short story I once read:

"On the street I saw a little girl cold and shivering in a thin dress, with little hope of a decent meal.  I became angry and said to God,  "Why did You permit this?  Why don't You do something about it?"  God replied, "I certainly did do something about it ..."

Sometimes people may not always realize that everything they do can touch others.  A single happy smile can brighten up someone else's day, a kind and gentle word can often make a great difference by helping someone find some beauty in his life, and a little bit of thoughtfulness or a tiny act of kindness can create a ray of sunshine for someone else.


I am dedicating this very
 "Special" page to just a few of the many "Earth Angels"  who have touched my life at one time or another.  Although they haven't arrived with a blast of trumpets, or have feathered wings or halos on them, I've known them just the same.  They've all performed their acts in human guise, sometimes borrowing the faces of family and friends, and sometimes just posing as well-meaning strangers.

Just as Heavenly angels work in many different ways, so do earthly angels.  I would like to reach out and tell just a "few" of the earth angels in my life how much they mean to me.  I've learned from life's experiences that if I wait until "the right time,"   it may be too late.  I want to share these thoughts and feelings with everyone who ever reads this page because it makes me feel happy talking about such wonderful things happening in my life and in the world.

Earth Angels

You may enter through this gate by clicking on it
to meet just a few of the very many angels in my life.

I've always enjoyed collecting poems, stories and quotations that really mean something to me.  I would now like to share some poems that touched a special place in my heart when I read them.  As you read them, try to read and listen with your heart and think about what they mean.  Then I'm sure you'll find them special also.

Some of the authors are unknown but if you know the correct source of items listed, I will appreciate hearing from you so corrections can be made and proper credit given.


Click on the page you would like to see.

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  What Do Angels Look Like?   
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  Guardian Angels  
  An Angel By Your Side  
  When The Angels Cried  
  Special Little Angel  
  An Angel Has Spoken  
  Frail Old Angel  
  The Traveling Angels   
  Angels Are ...  
  Angelic Role Models  
  Calendar Of Angels  
  The Legend Of The Feather  
  Soft As A Cloud  

You will also find some more lovely Angel verses in another section of my website that are written by Virginia (Ginny) Ellis.  I'm sure you will find them very delightful!

Please click here to go to Ginny's Inspirational Poetry.

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