Angel Of America




I am only one of many,
With just a simple plea,
Dear Angel of America,
Please look after me.

I've packed my gear, I'm heading out,
I've said my sad good-byes,
I've told my loved ones not to worry,
That you'd not let me die.

Please go with me into battle,
Upon that foreign shore,
And from time to time, remind me,
Of what I'm fighting for.


For the safety of my country,
And for other countries, too,
For the freedom of all persons
To do as they wish to do.

For tyranny and hate to go,
To be replaced by care and hope;
To give men back their self-respect,
And help them learn to cope.

Liberation from oppression,
And equality for all,
Food for every hungry child,
And a chance to grow up tall.


Far fetched ideals and more, I s'pose,
But they've been fulfilled before;
When many, many years ago,
Small ships arrived upon our shore.

So, Angel of America,
Go with me on this quest,
Help me not to be afraid,
And to do my very best.

I count on you to get me through,
And to help us, everyone,
To keep us and our loved ones safe,
Until this war is done.

~ Virginia (Ginny) Ellis ~
Copyright March 2003

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