Mother Africa

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Untamed beasts of Africa,
Akin to one another,
Created by Almighty God,
With Africa ... their Mother.

Inborn ethics ... rules of beasts,
Innate knowledge of God's schemes,
Survival of the species,
Only kill to eat ... the theme.

The old protect the very young,
They teach lessons of the feast,
The chase, the stealth, the pounce, the kill,
This night, the family eats.


The water hole ... God's fountain,
Each night at dusk ... the parade,
Creatures, wary and suspicious,
Just the young are unafraid.

Africa ... God's theatre,
The Serengeti ... nature's stage,
Vital roles by vital players,
Performance honestly displayed.

The curtain slowly rises,
The drama then unfolds,
The actors take their places,
For the story to be told.


Powerful tragedian,
Center stage ... the elephant,
Immense, commanding presence,
Slow, wise, and tolerant.

Down stage, stealthily approaching,
Simba, with the golden mane,
Sovereign, both by grace and deed,
Africa's proud claim to fame.

Silent, thundering monster,
Brooding behemoth of the plains,
Cape Buffalo in massive herds,
Roar through like heavy laden trains.


Equine creatures ... nimble Zebras,
Innocents in prison garb,
Tongue in cheek, God costumed them,
But did not provide the needed guard.

Strutting prima donna,
Tall, dignified, with class,
Giraffes need looking up to,
Standing high above the grass.

Impalas ... the ballerinas,
Tiny hooves on which to prance,
Graceful in their chorus line,
Gambol rhythmically in dance.


Monkeys ... God's comedians,
Baboons ... His silly clowns,
Hyenas ... laughing audience,
Warthogs ... pathetic hand-me-downs.

The final curtain never drops,
The play goes on and on,
Roles perfected, as directed,
God's production ever strong.

Stars created by the Master,
In accordance with His plan,
The predators, the scavengers,
The stagehands for the land.


Born free ... Live free,
Die free in natural state,
Beholden to no man on earth,
Be free, as God dictates.

Africa ... embraced by God,
Home for the beautiful beasts,
Keep thoughtless man outside this land,
Leave God's animals in peace.

~ Virginia (Ginny) Ellis ~
Copyright 2000
Used with permission

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