Together shall we take a journey into the mind?
To explore the colors ... to the emotions we find;
For colors bring energy, warmth and healing,
But first you must accept what you believe in!


BLUE  we say brings a healing ray of light;
Close your eyes and feel the warmth that is right.

PINK  is for love, gentleness, a feeling of calm;
So enjoy this feeling ... love will not harm.

PURPLE  for knowledge ... we all need a little of this;
For learning about life, we can not afford to miss.

GREEN  is for peace, new birth, new beginning;
Nature's wonderful color ... you just feel like singing!

RED  is for strength, energy and courage within;
This strong color can only help you to win.

YELLOW  and  ORANGE  are bright to help you shine,
Give you upliftment and leave your worries behind.

WHITE  is for pure, to help us keep a clean mind;
To help us stay good and find peace of a kind.

BLACK  is the darkness we try not to see;
For believe it or not, evil can touch you and me.

GOLD  and  SILVER  are above all the colors we feel;
These two colors are God's healings to reveal.


Take a look into your inner self;
Take the color you need;
Each color's ray of light,
Will give you the help to succeed.

Eunice E. Powe ~
Copyright 1997

Please do not take or use without the author's permission.

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