When you are alone, have you been aware ...
Of someone close by you, yet an empty chair?
Open your mind and let out your thoughts,
For loved ones in Spirit, come near when sought.

They are always close when we call their name,
And many a time, they can play a game;
Move items around when you don't look,
Blow open the pages of a paper or book.


Loved ones are only a moment away,
And when you need them, invite them to stay;
You're never alone if you believe a Spirit is near,
They bring so much joy ... nothing to fear.

A shadow may pass the twink of the eye,
You wonder did you or didn't you, see it go by;
Stop for a moment and learn to believe,
For the Spirit World cannot be deceived.


I love my visitors when they visit me,
And smile happily, when I do see;
I don't mind if they are naughty or good,
For they are with me, like I knew they would.

Eunice E. Powe ~
Copyright 1997

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