Lord, how You have blessed me
All these many years;
You've given me miracles, happiness,
Friends, and sometimes tears.

You have even sent me angels
In my darkest hours;
I've seen what You can do
With Your awesome powers.


I don't see why You love me,
For I've been guilty of sin;
But each time You've picked me up
And let me try again.

Lord, my heart is a window
You can see right through;
Nothing can be hidden ...
Do You see my love for You?


I belong to You Lord,
Use me as You see fit;
Anything You want from me,
Gladly I'll do it.

I try my best to be Your child
Of which You can be proud;
I am meek and thankful,
And I shout Your name out loud.


What have I done
To make You love me as You do?
Is it because I believe Your word
And sometimes cry for You?

Cry for the way You suffered
And for the life You gave?
And rejoice to know You were raised
To heaven from Your grave?


Lord, I don't know why
You love me the way You do,
But since I was a little girl,
I've always leaned on You.

Each step I take You walk beside me,
I can feel You there,
And every time I've come to You,
You've always heard my prayer.


Yes, Lord, You are my savior and salvation,
And I love You, too;
I'll do anything, anytime
that You want me to do for You.

Whatever reason You have
That makes You love me so;
I give myself to You Lord,
And will follow where You go.

~ Norma Cornett Marek ~
Copyright 2002

I am very pleased to announce that a book has been published, (after her death),
of Norma's beautiful and heart-touching poetry and is available for purchase.

I am very honored and privileged that my artwork was chosen
for the much treasured book,  "Whispers From The Heart."


To view the details and ordering information of Norma's book of poetry,
"Whispers From The Heart,"  please  click here.

To read more of Norma's wonderful poetry please  click here.


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