In Loving Memory Of



It's hard to believe this grown-up man
Had ever been a child,
But once he was a little boy,
With a little boy's smile.

He had a boy's curiosity,
He wondered how his toys ran,
He'd take them apart, rebuild, restart,
And they always seemed to run again.

As he grew older, he grew bolder,
And began to tackle complex things,
Eventually the word got out,
This man could mend most anything.

Carburetors or computers,
It didn't matter which,
If either had a problem,
Folks called on him to fix.

His God-given skill and talent
Were generously used,
Anyone in need, it seems,
No way could he refuse.

Though his heart was big, he used it up,
He gave too much of it away,
He cared too much, and he loved too much,
Thus his life was stopped mid-way.

Nothing left for him on earth,
He had fulfilled his job,
His apprenticeship was served,
He was ready now for God.

His new assignment up in heaven
Would be a challenge and a thrill,
Though he hated leaving loved ones,
God's love was greater still.

God had given him a call,
Heaven needed a fix-it man,
He did not know before, of course,
God was his biggest fan.

He didn't know he'd made a difference,
In this old world below,
But he did! He really did!
He just never knew it showed.

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
©June 2005

It is with a heavy heart that I dedicate this page to one of my younger brothers, Eddy.  His death came suddenly and unexpectedly in the midst of his life due to a heart attack in his sleep.  His life was flushed with much hope and filled with many dreams that he had not yet accomplished.  One of his hopes was that he would become right with God and I’m very sure that he was.

Eddy became a very spiritual person and needy people mattered to him a lot.  He had a big impact on many lives as he was an incredibly loving and caring man who had a huge heart.  He was very open-minded, supportive, and was very non-judgmental.  He was so empathetic to other people’s problems because he had been through so much himself.

It is not going to be easy to go on without my precious little brother.  His death brings much sadness and I tremendously miss his warmth, smiles, hugs, and the “I love you’s” he would always tell us.  At the same time, his death also brings a sense of joy and peace knowing that he has entered the home of our Lord and is now safe and free from experiencing any more tears, trials, troubles, and temptations.  He is in a place where nothing can ever hurt him again.

I thank my precious God-sent friend, Ginny, for her love, support, and comfort in my time of desperate need and for investing her time and thoughts in writing the above poem in Eddy’s honor.  It is a true treasure and has touched many hearts.  I also thank her from the bottom of my heart for her generous gift to Eddy’s wife for her cancer surgery.  I love you more than words could ever say, Ginny!  Your kindness is sincerely appreciated!

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