Death Opens The Door To Life Evermore



We live a short while on earth below,
Reluctant to die, for we do not know
Just what dark death is all about,
And so we view it with fear and doubt.

Not certain of what is around the bend,
We look on death as the final end
To all that made us mortal beings,
And yet there lies beyond our seeing
A beautiful life so full and complete
That we should leave with hurrying feet
To walk with God by sacred streams
Amid beauty and peace beyond our dreams.


For all who believe in the risen Lord
Have been assured of this reward,
And death for them is just graduation
To a higher realm of wide elevation.

For life on earth is a transient affair,
Just a few brief years in which to prepare
For a life that is free from pain and tears,
Where time is not counted by hours or years.

For death is only the method God chose
To colonize heaven with the souls of those
Who by their apprenticeship on earth
Proved worthy to dwell in the land of new birth.


So death is not sad, itís a time for elation,
A joyous transition, the soulís emigration
Into a place where the soulís safe and free
To live with God though eternity.

~ Helen Steiner Rice ~

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