Complainingly I told myself,
“This cross was too heavy to wear!”
And I wondered discontentedly
Why God gave it to me to bear.

I looked with envy at others
Whose crosses seemed lighter than mine,
And wished that I could change my cross
For one of a lighter design.

Then in a dream I beheld the cross
I impulsively wanted to wear ...
It was fashioned of pearls and diamonds,
And gems that are precious and rare.


And when I hung it around my neck,
The weight of the jewels and the gold
Was much too heavy and cumbersome
For my small, slender neck to hold.

So I tossed it aside, and before my eyes
Was a cross of rose-red flowers;
And I said with delight as I put it on,
"This cross I can wear for hours."


For it was so dainty and fragile,
So lovely and light and thin;
But I had forgotten about the thorns
That started to pierce my skin.

Then in a dream I saw my cross ...
Rugged and old and plain;
The clumsy old cross I had looked upon
With discontented and disdain.


And at last I knew that God had made
This special cross for me;
For God in His great wisdom
Knew what I before could not see ...
That often the loveliest Cross
Are the heaviest crosses to bear;
For only God is wise enough
To choose the cross each can wear.


So never complain about your cross,
For your cross has been blessed;
God made it just for you to wear
And remember ... God knows best.

~ Helen Steiner Rice ~

Original music from Margi Harrell
Used with Permission

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