As we travel down life’s busy road
Complaining of our heavy load,
We often think God’s been unfair
And gave us much more than our share
Of little daily irritations
And disappointing tribulations.

We’re discontented with our lot
And all the “bad breaks” that we got;
We count our losses ... not our gain,
And remember only tears and pain.
The good things we forget completely
When God looked down and blessed us sweetly.


Our troubles fill our every thought,
We dwell upon the goals we sought;
And wrapped up in our own despair,
We have no time to see or share
Another’s load that far outweighs
Our little problems and dismays.

And so we walk with heads held low,
And little do we guess or know
That someone near us on life’s street
Is burdened deeply with defeat.


And if we’d but forget our care
And stop in sympathy to share,
The burden that our brother carried,
Our minds and hearts would be less harried;
And we would feel our load was small,
In fact, we carried no load at all.

~ Helen Steiner Rice ~

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